Review on the Logitech K400 Wireless Keyboard


Review on the Logitech K400 Wireless Keyboard

Have you been searching for a new keyboard for your computer? What about a simpler way to web-browse on your TV since the remote is useless, annoying and impractical? 

I have found the keyboard for you… 

The Logitech K400 wireless keyboard.


Over the past month, I have had the pleasure to experiment and have some fun with the Logitech K400 wireless keyboard. Including a ton of special features that I have found very useful, this keyboard has it all.

 Researching several different wireless keyboards, Logitech contains one distinct feature that other keyboards do not include; a built in track pad. 

Having a track pad on a keyboard is beneficial when using with a smart TV! The days of using the remote to type in a simple web address are over with. The Logitech K400 makes web browsing on your TV entertaining and enjoyable. Another benefit of the track pad is that it is a multi-touch pad. So you are able to use two fingers to scroll down the page with ease. 


The Logitech K400 is also extremely lightweight! If you’re like me and like to browse the internet via the television in bed, this is the keyboard for you. You forget it’s in your lap. The way the Logitech is designed, storing it when not in use is easy and convenient. 

The Logitech K400 also has a lot of shortcut buttons for the use on Windows computer platforms including: 

  • Search
  • Settings
  • Play/pause/mute/volume
  • Page up/page down.

 Unfortunately, Mac computers are not compatible with the Logitech K400.

The Logitech’s structure is durable and pliable. Although, I don’t recommend it, I believe that if it was dropped accidently, it would be able to remain damage free. 


The only con that I have about the keyboard is that the “shift” key is a little small for my liking. Much smaller than a regular shift key. It is the size of a regular letter key.

 Once you start typing with the Logitech K400, it’s a stress-free adjustment. 

Overall, this is a great keyboard! I personally think it was a great purchase and I use it daily.

 You can pick one up on Amazon for $30! A great price for a wireless keyboard with a track pad that you can use on your computer and TV! 

Check out my video review on YouTube on the Logitech K400!

See ya on the flip side!


Laptop or Tablet??

Since tablets have come to the market the main question has been “Why would I need that”? Rightfully so! Why would you want a product that does the same thing your $1000 laptop already does?! Well, I took a gamble and bought an iPad, even though I already had a MacBook, which I was very pleased with.


Let’s take a look at what laptops are best at: Productivity. If you need to bang out a 10 page paper for school that’s due in 4 hours i’d say a laptop is definitely you’re best bet. Laptops just make it easy to type a whole bunch of stuff in a short period of time. Also, it gives a much bigger picture, so it’s easier to see things as a whole. Now for the tablet side of things. Can you type with a tablet? Yes, yes you can. All tablets, whether Android, Apple, Windows or whatever you choose, have a on screen keyboard and most have full wireless QWERTY keyboard accessories. They just are not ideal for banging out big projects, like a paper, excel document or powerpoint, although they do have programs in which you can accomplish those tasks. What tablets are amazing for is if you want to switch between playing a game, to going on Facebook and Twitter, to looking through your photos, to watching a YouTube video, to controlling your tv, all while listening to music. Multi-tasking is where tablets really own. I’ve also noticed that tablets are WAY faster than your standard laptop.

It really comes down to what type of user you are. If you just want to sit down at night and surf the web, relieve some stress playing a game, listen to music, quickly browse photos, watch a few videos or just read a book then a tablet is definitely for you! If you are a business  person that works on big projects, uses different programs, are in meetings a lot, or just hate touch screens, then a laptop is definitely up your alley! If you are indecisive about which you like better, then you can take the route I took, buy both and enjoy the best of both worlds!